quality and depth of analysis


This  is  a  take-home  examination  which  will  require  a  demonstration  of  your  skills  in  legal  research,  writing  and analysis. You may not in any way consult with any person in preparing your answers.

It is important that you identify the major legal issues, but quality and depth of analysis – rather than mere issue spotting or recitation of the law in general terms  –  will be rewarded most. In referring to statutes, you do not need to include full citations.

Be sure that your answers respond to the question. Do not re-state the problem in your answer. Mention the facts where relevant to your legal analysis.

Hypothetical Scenario:

Jeffrey  Bing  is  a  25  year  old  single  male,  living  in  the  United  States.  Jeffrey has never been in any spousal or common-law relationship.  Jeffrey is also a citizen of the United States.

Jeffrey  is employed by a company in the United States,  Machines  101 Inc., where he has been in the position of Service  Technician  (a  NOC  7311  occupation)  since  May  2014.  In this role, he installs a specialized and patented type of manufacturing machinery made only by Machines 101 Inc.  Although he only has a high school diploma and no  post-secondary  education,  he  has  received  one  (1)  month  of  training  with  Machines  101  Inc. on the  proper installation  of  these  patented  machines.  He  also  has  five  (5)  years  of  general  experience  providing  technical support on manufacturing machines with other companies.

Machines 101 Inc.  is  a  United  States  corporation,  headquartered  in  Albany,  New  York,  with  four  hundred  (400) employees  across  the  country.  Machines 101 Inc.  also  has  a  Canadian  subsidiary,  Canada  Machines  101  Inc., headquartered  in  Toronto,  Ontario,  with  nine  (9)  technician  employees  who  make  an  average  of  CD$26.00  per hour, similar to most other technicians in the Toronto area. Machines 101 Inc. has contacted you because they wish to send Jeffrey to Canada to act as a Service Technician in situations where a client has indicated a problem with the proprietary machinery. Jeffrey would be responsible for: attending client sites across Canada and providing repair and technical support services, included in the warranty for these machines. During his visits to Canada, as required, he will continue to be paid his current salary ($50,000 annually) by Machines 101 Inc.


In this situation, would you recommend that Jeffrey apply for entry to Canada as a business visitor, or would you recommend that he obtain a work permit as an intra-company transferee with specialized knowledge? What is the legal and policy basis for your recommendation?

In preparing your answer, please ensure that you reference the section of the  Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations on which you rely for authorization to work under one of the above-noted categories, as well as utilize and  refer  to  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship  Canada’s  policy  guidelines,  posted  on  the  IRCC  website

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