the impact of Drugs on Society and Drugs in Our Lives

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For this week’s Forum, respond to the following:   All of our readings this week are focused on drug-taking behavior and the effects it can have on our bodies, our minds, our lives, and our societies. Considering each of the various factors discussed in the reading, which two topics you would argue are the most important things you learned in terms of understanding the impact of “Drugs on Society and Drugs in Our Lives”?

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Hello Class,

Part I

My name is Jennifer James I go by Jennifer currently live in Manhattan Kansas due to my husband is in the military and stationed at Fort Riley. I was born and raised in a little small town in Mississippi where everyone knows everyone and we just got the Walmart last year.  I am a combat veteran I did two tours of duty and after my last deployment my body finally said it is time to get out.

So, I have been out of the Army a little over two years now and I am finally adjusting to being a civilian.  I just graduated in May of 2015 with an associated degree in applied science as a medical laboratory technician. Now I am going for a bachelor’s degree in general science so hopefully one day I can run my own laboratory.

I have two beautiful boys they are grown and starting to explore life on their own. My youngest son followed in his parent’s footsteps and joined the Army couldn’t be prouder of him.  My oldest son made me a grandmother four years ago and it was one of the happiest moments in my life, I am sure I spoil her to much but that is what grandparents do.

I am 100% disabled now and I am hoping that one day I will be able to work again nothing against stay at home wives but it is driving me crazy.  I really enjoying doing is trying new recipes and taking care of my husband.  We have a great relationship I do everything inside the home and he takes care of the outside. He is currently deployed so I do both right now.  I am currently working with my Pitbull to complete his service dog training so he will be able to go everywhere with me and my husband.

With this class I am looking forward to learning to learn how different drugs may affect different parts of your body, what drugs are the younger generation taking now and lastly what drives a person to turn to drugs.

Part II

After doing the reading for this week, it was almost overwhelming with all the information. It was hard to narrow it down to just two. The first one I choice deals with how drugs can affect your daily life. It may turn you into a criminal to support your habit, it is normally just dealing with small items to sell so you can get your next high. From my personal experience dealing with my son who is an addict you could not even bring your wallet around him because if he got the chance he would take every penny you had. He would go and sell anything that was not nailed down and in the end, he has lost custody of all three of his children and he has nothing to call his own.  The second thing I choice is how easy it has become to get drugs from your doctor, in most cases all you need to do is ask for a certain pain pill and they have no issues in writing the prescription for it. One example when I was injured while on active duty I was given 120 perocets a month of course I didn’t take them all because I did not want to get addicted to them. I believe doctors should be held more accountable for the pain pills that they are writing prescriptions for knowing how easily someone can become dependent upon them.

Question to the Class: Do you think we should have stricter laws on individuals caught with drugs regardless of the amount they have upon them?

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