INT217 Assemblies and Environments assignment-In defining “scope of work”, what are the examples of interior designers’ responsibilities?

INT217 Assemblies and Environments assignment 3.0
issued: 9/06/19
due: 9/10/19
Codes and Regulations
Read (available on LMS):
-Regulations and Conventions: Interior Design Practice and Education (Chapter 6) in
The Handbook of Interior
Architecture and Design
-”Architect of Hollywood Hills mansion damaged in fire is charged in firefighter’s death”; LA Times
Your submissions must be typed and printed. Include your name and assignment number. All answers should be in
full sentences and complete as possible. Check all spelling and grammar. Your answers should be based on the
assigned readings.
Regulation and Conventions Questions:
1. In defining “scope of work”, what are the examples of interior designers’ responsibilities?
2. Describe, in your own words, what it means to consider health, safety, and well-being in designing interior
3. What are the ways that the authorities do to foster quality of life and protect their citizens against hazards?
How does this impact on the professional practice of the interior designers?
4. There are a multitude of rules and regulations that influence interior designers’ work. List one mentioned in the
reading, and one from the lecture. Explain how they affect interior design (e.g. fire safety, building use,
accessibility, etc…).
Architect of Hollywood Hills Questions:
1. Why was architect Gerhard Albert Becker charged with manslaughter?
2. What design feature in the home deviated from Becker’s original design?
3. What was the intended use for the design feature from the previous question?
4. What are some things Becker could have done to avoid this litigation?
5. After reading this article, what do you think the role of a building department review and buildings codes are?
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