International Management

instructions: There are two sections to this examination; Section A and Section B.

Section A: 1 question – compulsory . This question is worth 50% of the marks for this examination.

For the purposes of this assessment, assume that you are an HR consultant, and have been retained by BMS Bank, a medium-sized independent investment bank with operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and London. The Bank has been operating for almost 10 years, and now employs almost 400 staff. To date, HR activities have been largely carried out by department managers, with some external assistance from recruitment consultants, and other external experts. The Bank is planning a flotation within the next 18 months, and its advisers have suggested that an HR function should now be set up. You have been retained to design the HR function, and present your recommendations in a report.

Your answer should be presented in report format.

Section B: Answer any two (2) from three (3) questions. Each question is worth 25%.

Question Topics
2 technology changing the nature of the relationship between employer and employee
3 the risks inherent in expatriate assignments
4 international talent acquisition assignment

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