Introduce a new community program psychology essay

Week 5 Introduce a New Community Program Adolescent alcohol and other drug problems are rampant in your small community. You are a licensed psychologist employed as a Human Resources Director at the largest employer in your community. As a contribution to the community, you have been asked to establish an alcohol and drug program. You want to select a program name that is professional, but that people will remember, and a description of services and clients who will be served, which is sufficiently broad to attract clients. Once it is open, you plan to hire certified drug and alcohol counselors. In the interim, you will be the director and only employee. Prepare an announcement with accompanying article for your local newspaper to introduce your alcohol and drug program. Reference your areas of expertise, your training, and any relevant experience. In your article, you must discuss fee schedules, payment options, and your policies regarding insurance billing. Include any other relevant information regarding the successful launch of your program while remaining in compliance with ethical standards. Be creative; include any visual aids, charts, or images you feel will enhance your article. This assignment is primarily an exercise in conforming pretend public statements (advertisements) to Standard Five of the Ethics Code, Advertising and Other Public Statements. Guidelines 1) The scenario begins by noting that your community has a problem with adolescent substance abuse. Therefore, make the program be one that is designed exclusively for adolescents with substance use problems, (and their families). 2) Since the community is small and the program will start as a one person operation, make it be an exclusively outpatient program. 3) The scenario states that you are both a licensed psychologist and the director of human resources. This is an unlikely combination of two unrelated professions. Therefore I suggest instead, that in the scenario you be the person in the company who provides employee assistance counseling. 4) Make up your credentials, as you wish they could be years from now. Note that Standard 5.02 lists a number of areas of credentials. In your assignment, include all of those areas of credentials. 5) Regarding the rates of charges, payment policies, and insurance, the idea here is that psychologists have the ethical obligation to inform, in advance, potential clients of the financial responsibilities of entering treatment.

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