Islam Discussion

Answer each question below in 90 or MORE words each. I will provide the required materials. Cite and reference each answer. Discuss each question like you are discussing with a student, what is interesting and your thoughts. They are due in 24 hours or less, I will pay 25 ONLY! Please do not reply if you want more money, don’t waste my time or your time trying to get more money!!! There are 11 for now, there will be a total of 12 due the next question will be due in 12 hours from which asked for. Follow all my instructions do not deviate or be late I will dispute and ask for refund. NO PLAGIARISM!


In case anyone is interested, PBS developed a wonderful documentary on Muhammad and the establishment of Islam.  It is quite long, but you might find it useful when addressing the questions this week.

Sunnis and Sh’ites

1. What are the differences between Sunni orthodoxy and the Shi’ite perspective?

2. Who were the Sufi?

3. Why were they important to the spread of Islam?

4. How did this religious diversity shape Muslim societies?

Muhammad and Isiam

5. Who was Muhammad?

6. What are the similarities between Muhammad’s and other religious leaders’ lives?

7. What are the differences?


Visual sources

8. Review the images of the Sultan Hasan Madrasa and Tomb-Mosque, the Tomb of Timur, the Alhambra, and the Qutb Minar in Ch. 13 of the text. How do visual sources help historians understand the Islamic world from 1000-1500?

Review the resources and essays at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History that cover the cultures studied this week.


9. The Aztecs built their civilization through conquest and tributary peoples. Considering the Aztec military, political, and religious systems, why was human sacrifice significant to the Aztecs?

10. What purpose did it serve?

Analyzing History

11. How does analyzing eyewitness accounts, writings, and oral traditions differ from examining material artifacts?

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