Your job is to complete one of the following research questions:
(Please remember that you are to only answer one question)
1) We live in a world where the future can potentially
mean that we have to rethink how we work, rest and play.
Discuss how the development of autonomous robots will
change our lives positively and negatively.
2) “The web never forgets.” It is a statement thrown
around a lot. Explain how the cloud will impact this
statement positively and negatively
3) Is it right to allow the creation of future elites who have
augmented themselves with artificial intelligence and
genetic engineering, without inventing a way to manage
their superhuman abilities? Discuss the positives and
negatives of such a possibility.
4) Is it possible for us to create machine intelligence that
can make nuanced distinctions, such as between a gun
and an ice-cream cone pointed at it, or understand human
speech that is often heavily based on context?
Submission Details:
You will need to submit your paper to turnitin before
submitting it in the pigeon holes in e6a.
(NB. It takes 24 hrs in most cases to receive a response from
Remember your research paper must be your own work. Therefore,
your research paper must be submitted to Turnitinvia our ilearn
page first then a hard copy.
Please note that when submitting your research paper in hard copy
you must include the following:
• MQ cover sheet with student ID number, tutorial/class etc.
x Link available on ilearn to generate the coversheet
• Turnitin% (you can print screen this)
Any submission not containing a cover sheet and turn it in %
will not be considered for marking.
You are responsible for assessing its level of plagiarism. Although
you can submit the report to Turnitin as many times as you like
before the due date, only the final submission will count to Turnitin.
Any Turnitin Report with 12%+ plagiarism will be carefully reviewed
and marks deducted equivalent to the percentage.
Research Guidelines:
– Word Length: Approximately 2400 words
– NB: ITEC600 student will need to also include a mini
Literature Review, this will be no more than 500 words
(NB. This point is only for Master students)
– 1 ½ spacing. (Paragraphs)
– 12 pt font
– Double Sided Paper (Save paper)
– Verdana
– Referencing Style: Harvard or APA is satisfactory.
– Please remember that you will need to have at least Four (4)
varying references. For example: Journals, WebPages,
Newspaper articles and Text books
– You will need to include: Reference List and an Appendix.
– You must include a coversheet that is available on ilearn
No exceptions will be granted.

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