Japan Art Analysis Paper-Urgent Essay Writing Service

Japan Art Analysis Paper-Urgent Essay Writing Service: You will choose the theme of your exhibition. You may consult the weekly course themes, your list of themes from Jan. 25, or choose a new theme based on your interests and the course Or Any art culture of Japan

You will select one Japanese architectural site, like a temple or garden, to host your exhibition. This architectural site must relate to your theme.

You will select two Japanese artworks, objects, or skills (i.e. kabuki, performance, etc.) to display in your exhibition. These artworks must relate to your theme.

After selecting your theme, exhibition site, and artworks, you will develop an exhibition proposal.

This Final Project also assesses your completion of the course Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the technical procedures and creator’s role in art throughout the history of cultural production.
  • Demonstrate and effectively communicate an understanding of the impact of religious, philosophical, and political beliefs on cultural production and communities.
  • Interpret and apply their understanding of the use and meaning of symbols and iconography throughout history to current issues, culture or history.
  • Compose written or visual material to effectively communicate knowledge and demonstrate comprehension of art historical periods, styles, terminology, iconography, theory and artworks.

An exhibition proposal is a written and visual plan that introduces the audience to an exhibition, a public showing of artworks, objects, or skills. Chronological or thematic, exhibitions present information about artistic creators, procedures, periods, styles, and theories.

For the Final Project, you will become a museum curator, an art historian or specialist who selects the artworks, objects, or skills to be displayed in an exhibition. As a curator, you will propose an exhibition of Japanese art to a group of your professional colleagues.

The purpose of this Final Project is to evaluate 1) your knowledge of Japanese art, 2) your application of thematic concepts to the study of art, and 3) your ability to use Formal Analysis.


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