What if John Rolfe didn’t get his hands on tobacco seeds

What could have, would have and perhaps should have happened if the history of early Colonial America played out differently? Choose one arguably tragic event that we have discussed in class- the settlement at Jamestown, the importation of African Slaves, the Puritans and the Salem Witch Trials, etc. and rewrite history. Start by thinking about the critical moment that made this event a disaster, and then write a new ending to the story! Your narrative should be complete, and should include each of the following components: exposition, rising actions, climax, falling actions and resolution. Your narrative should also logically explain what should have happened, and why. Since you weren’t there and do not know first hand what actually happened, you will need to make logical inferences to illustrate what main characters thought and felt, and how they would have potentially reacted to circumstances, if they had been different. Be thoughtful, be thorough, and be accurate and complete. But, also, have fun!

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