Key Performance Indicators

“Key Performance Indicators.” Please respond to the following:
Continue to consider the scenario in discussion Question 11 at the end of Chapter 4.
Select three (3) of the deliverables to included in your WBS and for each, produce and discuss with the class three (3) key performance indicators that would be useful.

11. Your family (you, your spouse, and five-year-old child) are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Representatives from upper management (your spouse and child) have specified that the trip will entail travel to Orlando, a four- night stay, and three days spent in Disney World itself. You and your spouse have allocated about $5,000 from your annual budget for this project. a. Develop a WBS for this project and submit your work in mind map and outline form. You should have at least 30 work packages as the lowest level. b. Select three of the deliverables included in your WBS and, for each, list three key performance indicators.

Within the WBS there are three deliverables that I would like to create key performance indicators for.

1. Create daily meal budget: A simple KPI for this task is to measure whether or not the meal budget was met or exceeded on daily and total vacation package. Early attention to this metric will allow the team to make modifications as needed to ensure that the team does not go over budget for the project.

2. Purchase park tickets: A good KPI here would be cost per use. How much did you pay for access to each park, compared to how many times you visited that park? If you spent $99 per day for access to Epcot Center, but you only entered the part once over three days, that would be a higher cost per use. This would allow the team to determine whether or not the costs was worth the experience for the project team.

3. Hotel Accommodations: One KPI that could be used for hotel would be a survey of overall satisfaction of the hotel for team members. This could consider whether the price point met the expected needs, if breakfast was included, closeness to the park, even comfort of the bed. This would allow the team to have a clear understanding of what needs should be met when selecting the hotel, as well as the effectiveness of the research done by the project team.

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