large-scale natural disaster: What was the reactions of those stranded in New Orleans

The topic concerns a large-scale natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina. Since then the Gulf Coast has been hit by more storms and what has been called the “Slow Motion Katrina”, the BP Deep Water Horizon oil drill blowout that poured hundreds of millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf and its fragile wetlands.
The aftermath of Katrina as the long-feared “Big One” hurricane event quickly became a national tragedy. We watched as troubling images and near hysterical pleas from citizens and reporters poured in. We learned that much of the Gulf Coast had been swept away and we witnessed from a distance as New Orleans sank ever deeper desperation for 5 days.
This week’s discussion assignment: Read on the Eve of Destruction below and the article Symbol of the Storm and then respond with your thoughts to the following question:
What was the reactions of those stranded in New Orleans, an American city?


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