Law and Philosophy Essay

I have three questions for my essay and I want them to be written separately(each question for about one and a half page). Please also refer to the lecture note and the readings that I attached.

1. Philosophers and theorists developed legal realism in the United States as a reaction to legal formalism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and they did so primarily to describe the behavior of judges and lawyers. Please explain the central aspects of legal formalism and legal realism.
2. In his essay about “instrumental” views of law, Professor Brian Tamanaha cautioned against realist and instrumental theories of law. Please explain, from his essay, what he meant by “the rule of law” as a concept in legal theory, and then please explain how instrumental theories might challenge that concept.
3. Please explain the central arguments in Professor Cheryl Harris’ essay about “whiteness as property.”

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