Paper Topic: Career Interests

Write a research paper about a career you are interested in pursuing after college/high school.  

Click HERE  for samples and specific information regarding Research Papers. This paper should include:

Outline (Click on SAMPLE for more information)
Rough Draft
Cover Page (Name, English 12-1, Date, Title)
Work’s Cited Page  (See samples below)
Final Paper


Times New Roman; Size 12
Double-spaced (Paragraph settings set to 0 spaces before/after lines)
Three (3) typed pages
Standard 5-paragraph Essay Paper  (Reference Essay Writing Basics Section earlier in Unit)

Content Details:  You will want to research the working conditions, job description, salary and benefits, and requirements to get this job. Try to obtain your information from 3-5 sources.  It is imperative that you cite your sources within the body of your paper.  Review HERE for more information on this topic.

Works Cited Page:

There are several online sources that can help you with completing your work cited page.  Click on this link for one source: or try this link:  Both of these cites will take the information you provide and create the page for you in the proper format.  Make sure you chose the MLA Format for your Works Cited page.  Samples of the layout for this document are attached below.

Research Resource:

The Ben Davis Media Center has a research database available for students to utilize when conducting research.

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