leadership assignment

Let’s revisit some central ideas about leading and leadership, including the qualities that are necessary and the ways that leaders act. Regardless of how we lead, we all seek to influence others and create change. Leaders want people to function differently – for the better – as a result of their influence.

leadership assignment

Leaders know how to express a vision that promotes change. We are learning how to do this successfully, and how to “mobilize others to struggle for shared aspirations”? (Kouzes and Posner).

For this week’s discussion, please consider two dominant approaches to leadership, “transactional” and “transformational.” Defining transformational leadership may be difficult – let’s get clear and specific in our understanding.  We may understand it more fully when we compare it to transactional forms.

Start a new thread in Discussion Board and discuss two questions.

1) Consider Homrig’s ideas. Transactional and transformational approaches are very different. Can they work together? How?

2) Boyle’s article is about non-monetary rewards. Are these important only in times of economic stress, when resources are scarce?
Or are intrinsic rewards always important? Why or why not?

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