Title Slide

Design Thinking slide 1

Introduce design thinking to your audience, how does this apply to our company?

Change Model for Innovation slide 2
Introduce a change model that would also be considered useful in developing an innovative culture.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation slide 3
highlight leadership practices that foster culture of innovation in a competitor or a company
from the same or similar industry. How does this apply to our company?

A Leader in Innovation slide 4
Profile a leader and company different from your assessment. How does this apply to our

Lessons learned side 5
Use the Profiled leader as an example of lessons learn. Why or How does this apply to our

Models of Innovation slide 6
Introduce some models of innovation to your audience. Then choose a model that would be useful for your company. Discuss Why or how does this apply to our company? Remember, you are making a recommendation on why this is useful and how it will apply.

A Path to Innovation slide 7
Provide a visual path that allows your audience to see how your model of innovation will work.

Leadership Skills slide 8
Address your Discovery Skills that you can use to spur innovation. What are your strengths? How
can you use your strengths to implement or support an innovative culture?

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