Leadership Tools Marathon-Action-Centered Leadership Model Assignment Solved

Leadership Tools Marathon

Project Information Template (To Accompany Tool #3A)


Does this project involve a real organization and/or client ____ or is it a business start-up project ____?

If this project is real, please provide the following information:

Name of organization:  _______________________________________

Name and phone number of client:  ______________________________________

Has the client already agreed to work with the student and/or team?  _________________

Action-Centered Leadership Model Introduction

  1. Describe the project in one sentence.



  1. Explain the purpose of the project (with a clear explanation explaining WHY this project is important to undertake), the individual steps detailing HOW the project will be completed, the participants WHO are involved (including the specific responsibilities of each person as a team member), a set of realistic timelines that show WHEN the individual work items will be completed, the location(s) showing WHERE the work team project or individual project and/or organizational event is expected to occur, and the measurable criteria for evaluation in terms of WHAT benefits and/or the features that the team or student working individually hopes to deliver to the organization.  This last point is very important – be sure to clearly state what will be considered to be a successful outcome for the project?  Note:  This response should be introductory in nature with additional fine detail provided in #5 below.



  1. In this section, each team or student working individually should list the two to three measures or metrics that will allow the performance of the team or the student working individually to be evaluated in both a qualitative and quantitative sense.  Note that any tools, measures, metrics, and/or other processes that are used to evaluate performance must provide concrete answers in terms of meaningful and actionable accomplishments.  Note:  This response should be introductory in nature with additional fine detail provided in #8 below.




  1. State the way that the team will work (frequency of meetings and its decision-making rules and/or processes.)  Identify, develop, and agree on team- and project-leadership roles within the group.  Include the process that the team will enforce for “firing” any team member who does not contribute his/her fair share of the work.  Students electing to work individually should describe how the work will be conducted using the same parameters.



  1. Describe the project purpose(s) and the expected deliverables.  Note: Your response here is a more detailed version of #2 above.



  1. State the critical parameters.  This includes the creative range and/or scope of inclusive time and/or place boundaries in creating the overall project idea and/or its execution along with a bulleted list of comprehensive duties/responsibilities of each team member, or the entire list of duties for the student working individually.  Be sure that it is feasible to fully complete the project within the scope of one semester.



  1. Establish the milestone points (dates) where the team or student working individually can review and check on its progress.  Agree on the deadlines.  When must the job be finished?  When are the interim and/or the final reports due and to whom?  Describe the project review process, the re-assessments, and/or the adjustments to the project plan, methodologies, and/or targets as necessary.  Get out a calendar and put all agreements in writing.  Be sure to build in some lead time(s) so that the “crunch” time at the end of the semester does not become overwhelming.



  1. Determine how the team’s progress and the results will be measured – in terms of the team, the individual contributors, and/or for the organization inexistence.  How will each activity and/or task be measured?  Make sure that the intentions of each assignment are clear to each team member in deciding that the job is complete.  Thus, be specific and detailed in describing the expected standards of the finished product in terms of quality, quantity, and overall team member performance.  Students working individually should develop an analogous plan.  Note:  This response is a more detailed version of #3 above.



  1. Each student should detail the three goals (minimum) that he/she would like to change to improve his/her leadership skills (as a project manager, informal team leader, and/or individual contributor) and what steps should be taken to reach his/her three goals?  Be specific.  Each team response submitted should list the goals of all team members.



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