LIT 100


I just need a small paragraph using the following requirements.

1. demiurge, demiurges, demiurgic — powerful force or personality: a very strong, driving, and influential force or personality (formal) — ancient Greek magistrate: a public magistrate in some ancient Greek states

2. sagacious, sagaciously, sagaciousness — wise or shrewd: having or based on a profound knowledge and understanding of the world combined with intelligence and good judgment

3. sinewy, sinewiness — thin and strong: lean, tough, and muscular — containing or resembling tendons: consisting of or containing tendons or stringy parts resembling tendons — forceful: vigorous and forceful (literary)

4. perspicacious, perspicaciously, perspicaciousness, perspicacity — perceptive: penetratingly discerning or perceptive

5. meticulous, meticulously, meticulousness, meticulosity — precise and painstaking: extremely careful and precise

6. impeccable, impeccability, impeccably — perfect: so perfect or flawless as to be beyond criticism — free from sin: so perfect in character as to be incapable of sinning

7. duteous, duteously, duteousness — obediently dutiful: obedient or showing a strong sense of duty (archaic)

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