literature essay

Write a well-structured essay, approximately 750 to 1000 words long, in response the following prompt American dream I think that when people say American dream they mean the set of ideas which include freedom and opportunity to success and place that life will be richer and fuller for everyone and I associate this phrase with being free and opportunity to success and have better life. I think these ideas came from early people in america that america was the land of opportunity and anything could be achieved and these ideas continued to appear later in 1800s when european immigrants came to america for better life and opportunities. this ideas are being perpetuated by having laws and education and working hard to achieve what anyone dreams. How have the readings from books affected this understanding? support your answer with reference to all books? Incidents in life of slave girl bless me Ultima the woman warrior Alexie the lone ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven must have quotes with the page number from these books: the woman warrior Alexie the Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven the paper needs to have an effective introduction and clear thesis statement. Detailed analysis of specific passages from the books. An MLA-style Works Cited page, just the book no outside source.

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