literature review

Week 3 Discussion: Discuss the different keywords you tried to use in your search, and what databases you used to try and find articles for your literature review. Did you print out and highlight your articles or read them on the computer and summarize them? What methods worked for you in this process? What barriers did you face in conducting your literature review (lack of full text articles, few scholarly articles, etc).

Week 3 Assignment:

Draft Literature Review Section:

In discussion of each article in your literature review section you should attempt to answer the following questions:

  • What was the research question or main topic/issue explore by the authors?
  • What method or methods did they use to answer their questions?
  • What population was under study/what was the sample size?
  • Was the sample adequate in terms of size and representativeness (if applicable to the study).
  • What were their findings/conclusions?
  • What is the major weakness of that study/research?
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