liverpool XY 1500 resit marketing assignment

Module Code: ULMS766
Marketing Management

Resit Assignment 2016/17


‘Segmentation is at the heart of marketing strategy’. Explain the importance of market segmentation. Using a market of your choice (i.e. shampoo, cars, mobile phones) show how it may be segmented and examine the benefits of this approach.

You are required to produce an essay addressing the above question which should be no longer than 1500 words. Your essay should be supported by relevant theory. All sources referred to in the essay should be fully referenced. These sources MUST include at least 15 academic references (book chapters but please also try to include journal articles). Your essay is to be word processed using a 12 point font and one and half line spacing. Please use the Harvard system of referencing and pay attention to detail when citing references in the text and listing them correctly in a reference list at the end of your essay. The 1500 word limit does include in text references but it does not include the reference list.

The essay deadline is 12pm on Monday 7th August.

This coursework only requires a single submission via Turnitin on or before the stated deadline. Turnitin is a plagiarism and collusion detection system. To submit via Turnitin, go to the assessment area for the module on VITAL and you will find a link for the coursework. Click on View/Complete and then on the “submit” icon for the paper. You are then prompted to submit a title for the paper. Use the “browse” button to locate the file you want to submit. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to submit by clicking the “Yes, submit” button.

Assessment Criteria

For your guidance, the criteria against your coursework assessment will be assessed include:
Structure, style and presentation
Effective selection and organisation of information to answer the specific requirements of the task
Logical essay structure and coherent writing style
Appropriate presentation of references and any supporting company/industry documentation
Depth of understanding of issues related to the question
Appropriate application of relevant theories and concepts within the context of the requirements of the assessment
Essay content clearly and explicitly linked to the requirements of the task
Balance between description and critical analysis
Appropriate interpretation of literature gained through research and its application to the specific requirements of the essay
Critical evaluation of theories relating to the essay question
Quality of research and use of sources
Identification of relevant theories and concepts from the academic literature
Evidence of research relating to these relevant theories and concepts
Appropriate synthesis of a range of material that addresses the specific requirements of the essay question