Maritime Exploration

Maritime Exploration

Spain and England were the first two countries to have explorers circumnavigate the globe.  Spain accomplished the first voyage around the world under the leadership of Ferdinand Magellan in 1522.  The English voyage, led by Sir Francis Drake, was completed in 1580 (Drake’s expedition was actually the third to circumnavigate the earth as another Spanish crew had completed the journey in the interim).  This essay assignment provides you with a change to read about and study firsthand accounts of these incredible voyages.

To complete this essay assignment, first read the two accounts of these voyages, included below.  They are Ferdinand Magellan’s Voyage Round the World, 1519-1522 and Sir Francis Drake’s Famous Voyage Round The World, 1580.  As you read, take notes on the information and details presented to help you when you compose the essay.

Ferdinand Magellan’s Voyage Round the World, 1519-1522
Sir Francis Drake’s Famous Voyage Round the World, 1580
After reading both accounts, write an essay comparing and contrasting the experiences of these two explorers and their crews.  Numerous possible topics could be discussed: the challenges they faced on the voyages and how they were overcome, the plants and animals they discovered, the people they encountered and the interactions with them, the role of Christianity in the expeditions, the areas of the world in which they traveled, and many other possible topics.  Focus on discussing features of the voyages that you considered to be most significant for the expedition.  As you present different topics for comparison, be sure to include the perspective of both the Spanish and English crews.

The essay should be carefully organized with an introduction, body, and conclusion.  Your introduction should briefly explain the sources and the expeditions.  In the body of the essay, you will be comparing and contrasting the two voyages.  How you arrange the body is up to you, but make sure that there are logical reasons behind that organization.  Conclude by summarizing the essay and presenting your perspective on these voyages, being sure to maintain a formal, professional tone.  Be sure to revise and edit carefully.

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