mass consumption and pollution

Using historical evidence that draws on class lectures, class discussions, and all assigned readings, write an essay incorporating the following questions:

What is the relationship between mass consumption and pollution? How did this relationship develop over time?

Your answers should incorporate evidence from multiple course materials, including examples from assigned readings and information from your lecture and discussion notes.

Essays that rely on a narrow range of sources will not receive high marks.

Essays should be 3 pages double-spaced, employ correct grammar and sentence structure, and be free of typographical errors.

You need to cite your sources using footnotes and provide a bibliography. You will use Chicago Manual of Style.

The essay should be 12pt Times New Roman with 1-inch margins.

PLEASE use the following links to the paper as sources+ your sources and please read the attached document.

Effects of Consumerism

Web Link
Global Footprint Quiz

Web Link
Video: South African Mine Pollution

Web Link
Video: New York City Pollution

Web Link
Video: Mass Production and Advirtising

Web Link
Video: Cities of Smog

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