MBA 620 9042 Financial Decision Making (2191) Step 4: Discuss Pricing Strategies

Step 4: Discuss Pricing Strategies

The days are passing quickly now. Week 3 starts slow, but an email from Maryland Creative Solutions’ Managing Director, Elisa Izuki, changes the pace.


From: Elisa Izuki, Managing Director

To: You and Frank Marinara, MCS Senior Partner Finance

Good afternoon,

I am requesting your attendance at the upcoming senior partner meeting. The primary objective of this meeting is to discuss a new pricing strategy for ExxonMobil. Based on your analysis last week of the oil and gas industry’s economic model, I’d like you to contribute your insights to the project meeting. Looking forward to having a productive and informative working session.



Elisa Izuki Contact Information

This is a big moment for you, as you are the only employee in the meeting that is not at the executive level. This is your time to shine!

As the meeting approaches, Frank briefs you on the key points of discussion:

  • MCS has been tasked by ExxonMobil with identifying a new pricing strategy. You should incorporate the increase in the price of oil and the increase in revenue for ExxonMobil into your strategy, with the viewpoint of maximizing economic efficiency. Assume that your fellow classmates are participants in the MCS project meeting. Use the Pricing Strategies Discussion section in this classroom to discuss pricing strategies for ExxonMobil. Give credit to any sources you use.
  • Later in the week, you have a follow-up meeting with the project team to help ExxonMobil reach a point of profit maximization. Respond to your fellow classmates’ original discussion posts and support your statements by crediting any sources you use.

During Week 3, submit one original posting of at least 250 words in the Pricing Strategies Discussion by Saturday and post two responses of at least 50 words each to other discussion participants by Tuesday. See MBA discussion guidelines.

When you have finished Step 4, proceed to Step 5, where you will present your recent findings in an executive summary and PowerPoint presentation.

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