METRO AG Business Assignment

STEP 1 : I want to write about Metro AG Company in Japan, You will need to provide a market description of the relevant market conditions that Metro AG operates in. This might include
variables such as the prevailing economic
conditions, demand and supply factors, and You will be required to conduct research and collect
data from all three resources for the marketing plan:
(1) industry reports; (2) company reports; (3)
prescribed textbook.and also you need to Complete the “Detailed Report Template”.
Activity Details Amount
of Pages

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction and background
to the company

Half a page executive summary
Introduction to the task, definition, purpose and value of a SWOT
analysis for organizations. Introduction to the company being analysed – including e.g.
RELEVANT history, current market, product lines etc.

First Page
2 – 3

3. SWOT table On one page, present the SWOT analysis in a table format, making sure

to rank the elements in each of the SWOT dimensions.

1 – 2

4. Market description Discuss the consumer electronics market in your chosen country. – Market size, market
leaders, market concentration, distribution & industry growth etc. Discuss briefly.

2 – 3

5. Findings
a. Explanation of the
SWOT table

Students are required to provide an overview of their findings and
describe their approach and choice of ranking.

2 – 4

6. Recommendations:
a. Target market
b. New product
c. Customer value proposition
d. Justification of the choice of
new product using at least one

Identify and describe using segmenting variables, one target market being served by your
Describe your new product designed for your identified target market. Include the relevant
marketing mix variables.
Explain the customer value provided by your new product.
Explain how their new product ‘fits’ with the SWOT analysis by
describing at least one strategy profile being addressed (e.g. S-O, W-O

2 – 5

7. References list and

Students are required to use the LTU Harvard Referencing style N/A

Description of section 1 : Executive Summary should ONLY be half a page (200 – 250 words).
? To be presented AFTER your cover page on a separate page.
? This summary is an ‘overview’ of the WHOLE report – even though an executive summary comes first in your report, it is
generally completed LAST after you have completed your report.
? Incorporate ‘key points’ found throughout your report. The executive summary should also be structured and written up in the
same order as the report.

Description of section 2 : Your headings are as follows for this section: (1) Introduction; (2) Company Background.
? This section is primarily research based, you will need to find information from databases, company reports and websites.
? Your company background should include information on the history of the company, current market details / statistics of the
company, product lines and future direction (if possible, do not make assumptions for this section).
? Its highly advised for this section that you use sub-headings where appropriate.

Description of section 3 : Your headings are as follows: (1) SWOT Analysis.
? Design a SWOT table and include a ranking section for SW: (1) chance of future change; (2) ranking by importance. AND for
OT: (1) chance of future occurrence; (2) ranking by importance.
? The SWOT should not simply be listed, but also discussed per point made: SW relates to internal capabilities of the business,
and OT relates to the external environment that is affecting the business.
? Your SWOT needs to be backed up with research / references, making assumptions requires further justification.

Description of section 4 : Your headings are as follows: (1) Market Description; (2) Industry Analysis.
? You will need to research into the “Consumer Electronics” market based on the chosen country you select.
? Your industry analysis should simply be an overview of the industry that the company operates in, current market size, market
growth and trends.
? Using databases will yield the required details necessary to complete the ‘Market Description’ section.
? You will need to find out what competitors exists in the market place and outline the market share and threats they are toward
the company, this also includes the market concentration.
? You will also need to discuss the distribution channels that exist and type of segments / consumer segments that exist in the
market place.
? Using sub-headings for this section may be highly beneficial.