The Mexican narco-trafficking problem Management Essay

The Mexican narco-trafficking problem

The case can be found on page 707 of Johnson, Whittington, Scholes, Angwin and Regner (2014) Exploring Strategy, 10th edn. Harlow, Pearson.

1. What strategies are being followed by the main narco-trafficking organisations (NTOs)? What are
the (two largest) NTOs’ objectives?
2. Who are their key stakeholders and what are their expectations? Which diversification strategies applied at which stages of the NTOs’ life cycles/evolution?
3. What strategic options are available to NTOs (at the time of the case study)? How is the current external situation changing?
4. How might these strategic options be evaluated?
5. What strategic options are open to the government? And which strategic choices should the President make?

The questions are equally weighted and the answers have to be written in essay style. Your responses should reflect your knowledge and understanding of the concepts, tools and techniques covered in the Strategic Management module. You should also demonstrate your skills and abilities to analyse data and information that you have obtained from a variety of up-to-date, high quality sources. Stronger answers will demonstrate an ability to exercise independent critical thinking. Full in-text citations and references, using the Harvard referencing style, are required.

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