MGT 311 Introduction To Operations Management

MGT 311 Introduction To Operations Management

Dear Students,

The assignment is an opportunity for you to investigate operations management in practice and to carry out deeper investigations. We expect you to demonstrate further reading and investigation – and to compare what you see in your own organization (or an organization of your choice) with what is written in the academic literature.

Assignment Brief 

Students should select an organization (which you have access to) and work through the following subheadings relating to operations within the organization. Students should write a report (using the headings below as a guide) discussing the operations of the organization, and making recommendations for improvement.

I have suggested some subheadings to consider under each heading – but these are not exhaustive topics (and you may discuss other things you see as being important). I would advise that you adopt a reasonably formal style and structure for your report. Include conclusions. Students should note that they do not need to look at an entire company but instead may decide to focus on a particular business unit or operation. For example, the student wants to look at a large international company – but only has access to one part of the organization – this is perfectly acceptable


Task 1: (500-600 words) 3 Marks

1.1 Introduction of your selected company 1

1.1 Definition and importance of Operation Management 0.5

1.2 Key elements of OM 0.5

1.3 Processing of goods within legal and ethical boundaries 0.5

1.4 Role of OM in achieving strategic objectives 0.5

Task 2: (1000-1200 words) 6 Marks

2.1. Implementation of 3Es’ in your selected company

2.1.1. Efficiency 0.5

2.1.2. Economy 0.5

2.1.3. Effectiveness 0.5

2.2. Critical analysis of profit maximization and cost minimization in your selected company 1.5

2.3. Importance of 5 performance objectives of operation management 0.5

2.3.1. Cost 0.5

2.3.2. Quality 0.5

2.3.3. Speed 0.5

2.3.4. Dependability 0.5

2.3.5. Flexibility 0.5

Task 3 (1000-1200 words) 6 Marks

3.1. Importance of operational planning 1

3.2. Quality and its maintenance of your selected company 2

Conclusion 1.5

Recommendations 1.5


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