MGT3СRM АSS 2- ARTS versus Positivo BGH – Rwanda

Assessement Task 2 – Quantitative Literacy Case Study Section

ARTS versus Positivo BGH – Rwanda


Carefully consider the rubric on page 10 and 11 of the Subject Learning Guide when constructing your answer.

You are a strategic analyst working to provide critical data for the Taiwanese technology firm Alpha Response Technology Solutions (ARTS).

It is your task to provide a quantitative assessment and advise on the premise for the establishment of an ARTS venture in the Rwandan Special Economic Zone, specifically a manufacturing plant for portable computer technology.

You are in receipt of twenty pieces of raw field intelligence (linked at the end of this article) describing the entry of Positivo BGH into Rwanda.

You need not limit yourself to the source data (below) in creating recommendations for ARTS.


ARTS’ main product solution is the GT80S Titan SLI 18.4in Core i7 Notebook, built specifically for the advanced Western business analytics market, retailing at AUD4999 or USD3792.37 (Rwandan Franc3000012.82) with the following specifications:

GT80S Titan SLI 18.4in Core i7 Notebook

Intel i7 6920HQ CPU,

NVIDIA GeForce GTX980M graphics in SLI,

32GB DDR4 memory,

Super Raid 4 512GB solid state drive,

1TB hard drive,

18.4in Full HD anti-glare display,

Windows 10, Blu-ray writer,

Killer Gigabit LAN,

Dynaudio 7.1 Audio,

Bluetooth 4.2,

1x HDMI,

1x Mini DisplayPort,

5x USB 3.0

1x USB Super Port Type-C


The Chief Executive Officer of ARTS is a former University classmate of Positivo BGH’s CEO, and the two share a deep seated and emotional rivalry around CPU designs and ownership, with ARTS CEO claiming his designs were copied by Positivo BGH for an entry level computer now being used to exploit the Rwandan marketplace, cheap manufacturing labour, taxation incentives, Western emotion over failure to intervene in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and developmental dollars from the World Bank.

The CEO of ARTS has instructed his staff to prepare for the establishment and production of a technology design and manufacture facility in the Rwandan Special Economic Zone, specifically to rival that of Positivo BGH.

You will must provide a quantitative analysis of this situation and provide a recommendation based on this analysis to ARTS.

Your written response must:

Organise and categorise the information you have received in tabular form

1) In a table carry out a PESTEL analysis with attention country information related to Rwanda

2) Provide a written description of the incentives to enter the Rwandan Special Economic Zone

3) Provide a written explanation of current foreign investment in Rwanda

4) Provide a written explanation of ARTS’ motivation to enter Rwanda

5) In a table create a 5 Forces analysis for ARTS, provide a written explanation for this table and include five (5) academic references

6) In a table compare and contrast ARTS’ primary product line with that of Positivo BGH

7) In a table numerically identify the likely return for producing and releasing the Titan for sale to the Rwanda domestic market versus sale to a Western market.

8) Based on the tabulated numeric data for (7) above make a written recommendation for this venture

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