mircoeconomic essay

TOPIC: ANY NEWS ARTICLE RELATED TO A CURRENT ECONOMIC TOPIC – such as Elasticity of Demand or Supply, Consumer Choice, Monopoly, etc. (published in the last 3 months) Instructions: On the first line (NOT THE FIRST THREE LINES) type your Name, E Period, Date, and Economic Essay. Example: Arlena Sullivan A Period July 28, 2017 Economic Essay Summarize the article using the following formatting specifications – 12 point font, Times New Roman, double space, 1 inch margins, and 1 full page. DO NOT COPY ANY SENTENCES DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTICLE. On the last line type a reference to the article you summarized, including the name of the article, the author and/or publisher of the article, and the date of the article. If the reference is not included and done correctly, it will be an automatic 10 point deduction. SAVE FILE AS YOUR LAST NAME_FIRST NAME ESSAY. Example: Sullivan_ArlenaEssay IF YOU ARE USING ANY PROGRAM OTHER THAN MICROSOFT WORD PLEASE SAVE ESSAY AS THE RICH TEXT FORMAT OR OTHER ANOTHER FORMAT THAT WILL BE COMPATIBLE WITH MICROSOFT WORD.