Module 6 – OLAP

Module 6 – OLAP

This assignment has three parts.  Please submit them all in a single Word .doc file.

1) Create an example of where OLAP would be a useful method of sifting through data.  You’re going to be looking at something that uses at least three different variables.  Describe what Business Intelligence types might be looking for when using OLAP in this situation.  (Note: If you have an example from your work, feel free to use it, just focus more on the importance side of things, and explain why an OLAP analysis would be useful.)

2) Diagram what an example slice of your datacube might look like when represented in the OLAP screen.  You don’t need to include data (unless you happen to have it), just the major and minor axes in an appropriate spreadsheet-looking format.  You can see examples of what OLAP displays would like like with a google search.

3) Do a little more research on alternatives to OLAP.  Pick one and describe what makes it different from OLAP.  Is it a reasonable replacement in the limited example that you’ve put together for parts 1 and 2?

Remember to support your responses with research (including adequate references), and to respond politely to your classmates.

Please submit your assignment via this assignment’s link as a Word .doc file, it should be approximately 3 pages in length with several academic references to support your position.

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