Movie Promotion and Advertising

You work for a large movie studio and your job is to promote and advertise a new movie. Choose the type of movie and the target audience the studio hopes to attract. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word proposal for your plan to promote and advertise this new movie and how you will integrate marketing communications. Answer the following: How do you plan to integrate technology into integrated message materials? For example, fast-food restaurants, malls, websites, cell phones, or other companies and media. What factors might influence your message’s effect, such as differentiating your movie from other movies and other forms of entertainment? What types of advertising appeals will you use? What will be your message strategies and executional framework? What are three or four strategies you may consider to differentiate your movie from others so it will be a movie everyone wants to see? Consider public relations and other promotional or sponsorship tools. Include the following in your paper: Genre, movie title, short premise, and any notable actors The promotional and advertising message you wish to communicate The technology you will use to employ this message Integrated marketing materials Format your paper consistent with APA guideline. Be sure to include references from our reading materials and outside sources to back up your statements and theories.

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