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Project Overview:

You work for a company that specializes in seasonal specialty foods. The company has 100,000+ customers nationwide who currently place their orders through a web user interface hosted at their headquarters in Omaha, NE and three distribution centers located in San Jose, CA, Omaha, NE, and Charleston, SC.

The database and web servers have fluctuating loads depending on the season. The servers are stressed during peak periods and sit idle during non-peak periods. The CIO has tasked your team with identifying a solution for increasing efficiency in order-processing, while at the same time reducing costs of hardware and software and updating aging and vulnerable operating systems and applications.

Develop a 1-page Cloud Implementation Proposal project plan using Microsoft® Project detailing all the tasks, as well as a timeline and Learning Team member assignments. Include the following:

  • Migration overview – A brief overview of the methods recommended for migrating to cloud services
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