multimodal communication Essay

You will be assessed on the basis of a 5,000-word written assignment. The essay should be a critical account of a piece or pieces of multimodal data that you have selected and analyzed. You can think of the essay as a report of a mini-study on an aspect of multimodal communication that you are interested in. It should cover the following: ? A question about multimodal communication, with reference to some relevant literature ? Information about how you set out to explore that question ? Presentation and description of the piece(s) of data you will be discussing ? Systematic, detailed analysis of the data ? Discussion of the findings of your analysis, in view of your question. ? Conclusion How does multimodal perspective applied to entrance webpage for Naturopathy, and evaluated the differences with mainstream medical school. The data will be collected from the entrance website Bystar University, and if it is possible, I will analysis the video from the website to see what kind of elements for attracting the further students. I will use the following grid as a guide for my analysis of the multimodal construction of the text that deals with the referendum: Bastyr Other Medical School Description Photo Layout Overall message