Music 31 CONCERT REPORT #1 and 2 Homework Help

Music 31 – CONCERT REPORT #1 and 2
We are covering three time periods this semester: the Classical period, the Romantic period, and
the 20
th/21st centuries. You are to attend two concerts and write a report on them. There are two
possible approaches:
1. Each report could feature music from one time period. For example, one concert
could have music from the Classical period and the second from the Romantic period.
You focus on what qualities of the music are representative of that period.
2. The concert could have pieces from multiple time periods. You explore the stylistic
differences between these pieces.
The reality is that many concerts program pieces from different time periods so these options
will open up just about any concert that features music after the Baroque period. The
performance can be by an orchestra, a solo piano, a string quartet or other chamber music, a
concert band, a choir or other possibilities. Be aware that some bands and choirs perform “pop”
music which is not allowed for these reports. If you are in doubt please ask.
There are many possibilities for concerts. Below are a number of websites that can help you find
something to attend. Don’t forget that you can ask fellow students.
Santa Monica College –
Performing Arts Live (concerts all over SoCal) –
Los Angeles County Museum of Art LACMA (free)–
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Pasadena Symphony –
Long Beach Symphony –
Santa Monica Symphony
Orchestra Santa Monica –
New West Symphony –
Cal State Northridge –…/music-calendar-december-
Plan early. Don’t wait until the last minute. Concerts sell out. You could get sick or…
Enquire about student discounts and “rush” tickets.
It needs to be written like an essay. No bullet points.
They must be a minimum of 3 pages (not including the drawing.)
You must also turn in a program and ticket stub.
You must make a drawing of the layout of the instruments that you see on stage (Not the
audience). Neatness counts. No photographs.
Must be typed.

Spelling and grammar will be considered. Hit spell check and also proof read it.
Staple it together.
Use your own words; do not steal or borrow from concert programs or the
internet. This will result in receiving no credit. This happens occasionally and it
will destroy your grade. If you absolutely feel that you need to quote someone
make sure that you give the writer credit.
Concert reports must be turned in no later than 7 days after the performance.
How do you write a report? Here is a possible structure. It will be very difficult to write
about a whole concert in 3 pages. Some aspects listed below may be more pertinent to a
piece than others.
I. Introductory section
Date of concert:
Location of concert:
Name of performers;
1. Orchestra name if it is orchestra (do not list all the names in a large orchestra):
2. Name of conductor of orchestra:
3. Name of guest soloists if there are guest soloists:
Full titles of pieces performed.
Full names of composers.
II. The first piece
Title of the entire piece:
Full name of Composer:
Date of composition:
Historical period:
How many movements and what are they called?
What do you write? First keep the historical perspective in mind. Here are some of things to
think about. Not every question might be applicable this is meant to give you ideas. You must
write about all the pieces on the concert.
In general, what kind of piece was it (symphony, concerto, string quartet, opera
aria, pop song, ballad, unspecific etc.)?
How many movements did it have? More than one?
What seemed to give the piece a sense of unity?
What seemed to give the piece a sense of variety?
How was repetition used?
How was contrast used?
What was the texture of the piece? Monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic? A

What was the melody like? Describe it.
What did the composer do with the melody?
What was the harmony like?
Consonant or dissonant? A little of both?
Was it more major or more minor?
Did it seem to modulate from key to key? Never? Frequently?
Did it have a steady beat? (Could you tap your foot to it?)
Could you tell the meter? Duple? Triple?
Was it very rhythmic?
Was it very syncopated?
How could you describe it?
What were the dynamics like?
Forte? Piano? A lot of variety and contrast? Pretty even and consistent?
What was the tempo? Fast, slow, in between? What might the musical term for the
tempo be?
Did the tempo stay fairly steady or did it change frequently?
Was there a type of articulation that seemed prominent? Legato? Staccato?
What instruments made the sounds?
Did different sections feature different instruments?
How could you describe sounds that seemed to stand out?
Was there a singer? Male, female? How many? What was there voice like?
Your reaction to the piece. (Did you like it? WHY?)
III. The second piece – Same as above.
IV. The third piece – Same as above.
V. Your overall reaction to the whole concert.