NAFTA (case)


Case Assignment

I am trying to push the concept of “unification” in this course (in case you could not tell!). NAFTA clearly unifies North America in a profound way.

What is being “unified” with the adoption of NAFTA?

What are the positive and negative aspects of NAFTA? (Be sure and consider the perspectives of people in different economic sectors and participant nations)

Please answer this question in the context of the background information provided, and any information you can find in our library and on the web.

I am interested in two things here.

First, I want to see what you think about the concept of “unification”. Be creative.

Second, I want you to research the issue carefully. Use the research to make your point about unification and cite your sources carefully.

Write two to three pages and hand it in by the end of this module.

Upload your papers for grading.

Assignment Expectations

The cases in POL 201 generally call for a detailed analysis of a particular situation. In addressing case questions, such an analysis requires some historical perspective and a balanced and thorough consideration of challenges facing efforts at unification or, at least, the peaceful resolution of disputes between peoples in the nation being studied.

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