Name two of your achieved statuses in which you compete for attention or that cause conflict for you

Name two of your achieved statuses in which you compete for attention or that cause conflict for you. What roles go along with those two achieved statuses? What types of role conflict do you experience?

Sample Responses

1.One achieved status would be being a parent because it has changed my whole outlook on life. The role of a parent is simple as we have read we must provide our children with love, nurture them, teach them, provide clothing, shelter and food. The conflict that certainly has come up especially because of covid-19 would be how my wife and I manage our children, their online schooling as well as our school. It has been extremely difficult to focus and do it all. Another status would be my children that have disabilities. I have struggled with schools and others labeling my children or having their own opinion about their behaviors related to their disability. Therefore, it conflicts with how they receive services or how people view them and it can be very frustrating when peers are judgemental without knowing the facts behind it all.

2.The first achieved status is motherhood for me. I became a mother at the age of 16 my junior year in high school, with no clue on raising a child. With the help of my family, I was able to raise a well respectful young lady 24yrs later. Being so young and still trying to get my high school diploma was a big conflict in my life, but I was able to pull through with family support. The second achieved status was when I first started in law enforcement. Being that it’s a male dominant career, I had to work harder than my male colleagues to be able to stand out from the rest. Having to prove your self to show that you can do the job as better than the next was the conflict I encountered. Over the years I gained the training needed to move of the ranks.

3.My achieved statuses would include being a wife, my employment, and my education. My married life never caused too much conflict because we both had good jobs, and our free time together was doing things that we both wanted to do, both together and separate. Years ago, my husband passed away. My conflicts began when I decided to return to school and finish my degree. My job has always required mandatory overtime, but that was just how the schedule worked out. Last summer is when the conflict between work and classes began. During the summer of 2020, Charlotte and other cities in the country saw a significant increase in social upheaval and unrest. This unrest resulted in weeks of protests and riots here in Charlotte. Being a Sheriff’s Office employee assigned to the arrest processing center, I received very little time off due to the additional mandatory overtime requirements. It became a tremendous struggle to complete any school work. This conflict left me with few options other than drop out of school, a choice I hate I had to make. Either that or fail my classes, which I had no intention of doing.