Networking Questions

1) Explain the specifics for:

a) The Internet of Things (IoT)

b) The Internet of Everything (IoE)

c) The Industrial Internet (II).

d) List the differences

2) Software Defined Networks (SDNs)?

a) What is SDN

b) Describe and Distinguish SDNs from traditional networks .

3) Describe Fog Computing.

a) Define Fog Computing

b) Explain the differences between Fog Computing and Cloud Computing

4) What are the basic network management functions (OAMP)?

a) List tools and protocols used for OAMP for mobile network and device management

5) Describe SNMPv3.

a) How does it differ from SNMPv1 and SNMPv2?

6) Which layer(s) carry out QoS execution?

a) What is a DiffServ Code Point (DSCP)?

7) Describe the fundamental pillars of security for information systems

a) Provide several different types of security threats for an information system.

b) Describe the mitigation methods for those security threats.

8) Why is Cloud security really challenging?

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