Opacity as an intersectional form of resistance Literature Dissertation

My dissertation uses literature, theory and aesthetics to explore the possibilities for forms of opaque resistance that remain intersectional. It will be in 4 sections; theory (using Spivak, Villiars, Sarah Ahmed + some Deleuze and Guattari- the research for this section is complete and I can send this bit over), then opacity as an aesthetic form of resistance (looking at artworks showing opacity + limits of transparency and literature with opaque descriptions of characters), then opacity in protest (brief look at previous opaque resistance like black block, Zapatistas,pussy riot, anonymous, etc and how successful/or otherwise they have been). Last section is opacity as online resistance and looks at trolling from the alt-right +intersections with privilege that allow this to continue and what a liberal/left wing trolling would look like (beyond the anonymous movement).