Organizational theory & behavior

Academic Level: intermediate (MPA program student).

In the attachment, you will find an OUTLINE has all information about the organization that you will write about it, also, you will find three books, use the three books in the research paper and find other FIVR sources. The paper MUST have 8 sources as a total.  Please follow the instructions well.


Write 10 pages (excluding title and bibliography) research paper on the topic of your choice pertaining to organizational theory. Following are suggested steps to approach your research paper. Identify 2 areas of concern or issues confronting this organization, i.e., strategy, structure, management, globalization, technology, etc. Develop an action plan or a strategy to address the concerns or solve the problems identified in your paper. Utilize theories, concepts, and principles presented in the text to frame the issues and your recommendations.
The paper should be organized by:

1)Description facing its

2)Diagnosis analyze the problems/issues confronting the organization by applying relevant theories and research;

3) Recommendations using the organizational theories and models, discuss the managerial, structural, strategic, and design approaches the organization should take to address the problems/issues.
The paper must incorporate at least 8 peer reviewed sources relevant to your topic and issues. A bibliography, following APA must be provided at the end of the paper. Additional materials/documents used in the analysis or referred to in the paper should be placed in an appendix at the end of the paper.

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