PAPER ASSIGNMENT #2-Research and development for setting up a business of your choice

PAPER ASSIGNMENT #2 Submit Assignment
Written Assignment: Each student will continue writing papers on the following topics.

Research and development for setting up a business of your choice

There is an essay component and a presentation component. The essay must be submitted in Microsoft Word “.doc” file format. All teams must submit an essay and a presentation. The presentation can be submitted as a media file (such as a video) or a PowerPoint. Project Part-I, II, and III essays and presentations must include but not to be limited to:

Topics for Project Part-I

Name of Business

Executive Summary

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Brand Statement

Value Proposition Statement

Positioning Statement

Business Entity

Organizational Chart

Topics for Project Part-II


Labor & Material

Social & Cultural

Political & Legal

Human Resources



Financial Results

Topics for Project Part-III

Target Market


Global Company Structure

Financing Sources

Supply & Distribution


Measuring Success

Final Overview

Case Study

Alibaba vs Amazon

DiDi vs Uber

Compare and contrast these two companies in PowerPoint only including but not limited to the following:

Category – business
Primary revenue driver – categories
Market cap
Global market share
Single largest market
Revenue – 2017.
SWOT (Strengths, Opportunities, Weakness, and Threats)
PESTEL (Political Factors, Economic Factors, Social Factors, Technology Factors, Environmental Factors, Legal Factors)

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