a paper on an epidemiology topic

Write a paper on an epidemiology topic of your choice.  Examples of broad categories of suitable topics include (but are not restricted to):

Epidemiological principles and their applications to disease management
Reviews of specific diseases – the history of studies of their epidemiology, the current state of affairs, prospects for future control
Diseases of global or local high significance and impact
Epidemiology and public health policy, plant health policy, or animal health policy
There are no specific formatting requirements, but your paper should be submitted as a Word document with either a .doc or .docx file extension.  You should decide for yourself how to structure your paper – whether to use sections, whether to include figures, etc.  Each paper will be graded on its own merits.

References: We expect your paper to include references that provide the information necessary to support what you say.  It is acceptable to use websites as references, but the citation for a website should include the URL (i.e. the page address) and the date and time you accessed the information.  We would prefer you to access proper academic literature, preferably reviews and original research papers, but textbooks are also acceptable.  If you are unsure how to include references properly in your work, read some papers and look at how it’s done in those cases.  You can also visit the homepage of any journal and read the instructions to authors – they all include the journal’s instructions for including references

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