pedagogy for practice Education assignment

This is a 300 words pedagogy for practice, The nature of the cross-curriculum priorities

PFP instractions:

This PFP aims to develop your familiarity with the nature of the cross-curriculum-priorities.
Step One: The “WHY, WHAT, and HOW
watch this video:

Understanding “WHY” we engage students in the inquiry approach is at the core of the HSIE Syllabus. The “WHY” we do what we do can sometimes be overlooked so before we engage more deeply in planning for teaching, the Golden Circle Principle assists us to focus on the important aspects of teaching in this subject.
After watching this 5:55 minute clip to familiarise yourself with the ‘Golden Circle’ notion. You will then apply this notion when exploring the Cross-Curriculum Priorities (CCPs) in the HSIE Syllabus (NESA, 2017).

Step Two:The nature of the Cross Curriculum Priorities

The Cross Curriculum Priorities are critical aspects in all syllabuses and learning about them will benefit your understanding about all subjects for teaching in primary schools.

You will be introduced to the CCPs in the lectures and tutorials over the semester. They are also addressed in your assessment tasks.

The focus of this PFP is to develop your thinking around “WHY” the cross-curriculum-priorities are embedded across all subjects in primary and secondary schools, “HOW” they interact with the big ideas and “WHAT” content is suitable for embedding them.

STEP 3: The nature of the CCPs
Now Listen to the 3:01 minute clip from the director of Curriculum at Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA, 2017). You will note the director talks about the three dimensional structure of the Curriculum with the Learning Areas at the heart of the curriculum but that these are lifted by the Cross Curriculum Priorities as students prepare to ‘take on the world’ (Mueller, 2017).
Here is the link for the clip:
To consolidate your understanding about the CCPs, read the following information linked at: three cross-curriculum priorities.

Write your reflection in three paragraphs. Each paragraph will have a strong topic sentence and then elaborate on that point. The Theme of each paragraph should be:
1. What are the three Cross Curriculum Priorities and HOW are they highlighted in the HSIE Syllabus.
2. How do you believe the Melbourne Declaration (MCEETYA, 2008) has influence the CCPS and what evidence do you have to support this view.
3. WHY you believe the CCPs are important to consider when teaching History and Geography and what it might mean for teaching HSIE. (You may even consider how the HSIE Syllabus (NESA, 2017) identifies content suitable for addressing various CCPs).