Personal Branding Project

Part 1: I Am a Brand-Personal Branding Project

a)      Consider your career after graduation and your first job after business school. How do you want to build “your brand?”

b)      Consider yourself as a brand. Identify strong, favorable and unique associations with your brand. What would you like your colleagues to think of when your name came to mind?

c)      Develop a positioning statement for ‘you the brand’ using brand positioning format.

d)      Develop a brand mantra that captures the essence of your brand positioning.

e)      Brand Plan Tip: What is your brand’s positioning? Should it be refined? How? Do the brand’s marketing strategy and marketing plans reinforce the brand’s positioning?

Part 2: Develop Your Personal Brand

Develop your personal brand, and launch it during the semester.  Include the following:

a)      LinkedIn Profile that demonstrates your brand

b)      Create a blog and post weekly articles (a minimum of 8) that are your original work, demonstrating your area of expertise and brand.

c)      Promote your brand on social media and record you engagement with your audience

d)      Demonstrate growth of your social media reach

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