Perspective: Consumer/Parent

–    Based on designated chapters/parts of Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss
–    Students prepare a reflection on each part of the book commenting on various aspects of the part and responding to questions assuming a particular reading perspective (i.e. a consumer/parent perspective, an industry perspective and a regulatory perspective)

–    Write your thoughts/perspectives on Part 1 of the book (Sugar). Some issues/thoughts to keep in mind to help you as you write your reflection:
o    You will be making your comments from the perspective of a consumer/parent – this means that you should put yourself in the position of a consumer/parent as you write your reflection. Even if you are not a parent in real life, you can still consider what you think of the book as though you were a parent. What should consumers be concerned from this book? Similarly, what might a parent be concerned about?
o    How is Part 1 relevant to a consumer/parent?
o    As a consumer/parent what did you think about the information contained in this part of the book?
o    What are the main themes/issues raised in Part 1? How are those themes/issues explained/developed?
o    This book was written/published in the United States; do the issues raised in the book also apply to Canada – how or why?
o    As a consumer/parent are there aspects of food production, development, advertising etc. that concern based on your reading of Part 1?
o    Are there specific sections of Part 1 that you agree/disagree with?
o    Do you have any criticisms of Part 1 of the book?
–    I expect you to make direct references to the book in your comments – i.e. be specific about what aspects/pages of Part 1 you are commenting on – be sure to include page references to the book.
–    I want to be able to see that you have read and considered Part 1 in full (including the prologue to the book)
–    Remember good writing style – full sentences, distinct paragraphs, attention to proper grammar, punctuation and spelling, accurate references to the pages in the book, etc.

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