Physics HL IA Assignment Help

The paper is an investigation (Lab Experiment) in the format of a lab report needed for my IBDP Physics HL coursework(IA).
The experiment should be realistic and should successfully calculate wien’s constant. The lab report should include
1) A rationale/Personal interest and A research question which states the independent, dependent and controlled variables.
3) List of the variables and how they are manipultaed.
4) List of materials
5) Annotated diagram for Apparatus/ setup.
6) Procedure.
7) Data collection organized in tables with clear headings, units and uncertainties.
8) Data processing including the calculation in uncertainties( Very Important)
9) Labeled graphs with error bars shown clearly
10) Lines of best fit, maximum and minimum gradients are sketched clearly with error bars( In our investigation a graph of wavelength versus the temperature in degrees kelvin is sketched and then another graph for the peak wavelength and the inverse of the temperature(1/T) is sketched)
11) The gradients of the lines of best fit and maximum and minimum gradients are calculated ( wien’s constant with its assassinated unit)
12) conclusion ( Comment on the graphs, how successful is the experiment, compare actual and experimental values, comment on the apparatus materials, procedure and data.
13) Evaluation difficulties what went wrong, the errors and uncertainties in the equipment any sources of errors and then suggest improvements for each source of error.
Personal Engagement must be shown throughout the work.

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