playing musical instrument

Do you like music or like playing musical instrument? Well it’s fine if you said yes or no.If your said yes then maybe you would like to join a music program. Some of you might not know what is a music program.A music program is a class that teaches music to elementary students.
Sometimes kids that like music think it would be fair to let every single student into a music class. I don’t think is a bad idea but I disagree.i disagree because,not all kids like music,every single kid in the whole entire universe is different. Not only that  they are in different levels at for example a student in a class is a excellent reader, but another student isn’t really good at reading but good at science. And that’s what I mean by different levels. Because, of that reason not every student can be taken out of class to learn how to play an instrument. Also if every single student has to play an instrument. In order to get good at it you have to practice day after day.and may forget his or her homework.

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