Policing the Police

Case Study #2 – Policing the Police

View the video provided via the link below. Based on the video, write a 3 pages paper, APA format, addressing the following. Ensure that you appropriately cite (APA) any resources used in your submission.


Identify the most significant ethical issues or dilemmas. There may be more than one ethical issue. What is the most fundamental or most important ethical issue? What connection does the most important issue have with other ethical dilemmas? Be specific.
Describe the facts of the primary dilemma you identified. This should include the individuals or institutions involved in the issue or dilemma. Which individuals’ involvement raises ethical questions? What actions have ethical implications?
Identify the possible responses to the ethical dilemma. The responses will include the actual response the individual or institution takes to the ethical dilemma but also identify what other responses the individual or institution could have taken.
Using a consequentialist perspective, select which response would have been the “right” response. Using the tenants of consequentialism, justify why this response would have been supported by this theory.

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