The Political, Economic, and Technological Implications for Business Working with your Zip-6 Scenario: Foreign Business Environment

MT220 Global Business


Assignment: The Political, Economic, and Technological Implications for Business Working with your Zip-6 Scenario: Foreign Business Environment

Nils, the partner of Ravi and Keith at Zip-6, approached them with an interesting possibility. A fellow venture capitalist friend revealed to him that he and his partners were acquiring a large family-owned group of businesses in the South American country of Colombia. Most of these family-owned businesses are diversified manufacturing businesses in the capital of Bogota, but there is one soft drink bottling operation in the acquisition that does not fit within their venture business plan and thus they would like to divest (sell) this particular operation. Nils’ friend knew that Nils, Ravi, and Keith had extensive presence in neighboring Brazil and thought that this business in Colombia might offer Zip-6 an additional expansion opportunity in the region. Neither Nils, Ravi, nor Keith have any knowledge of this nation.

Your job in this Assignment is to conduct some basic research into the country of Colombia (a neighboring country to Brazil) and examine the most important historical events (political, economic, and technological) that might impact the country of Colombia’s business climate for the future of this investment by Zip-6. Review the full Zip-6 Scenario.

After researching the historical events in Colombia, write your analysis in an informative essay addressing all the checklist items and advising Ravi and Keith on a recommended course of action and your justification for such an approach. Be sure to reference any sources used in your work using APA formatting.

Web Resources:


1. Go to the C.I.A.’s World Factbook resource and search for information on Colombia

2. Go to the U.S. Department of State website and search for information on Colombia

3. Go to Michigan State University: globalEDGE™ website:

You may also use information from other sources that are from governmental or educational sites as well. Do not use Wikipedia!


1. What events (political, economic, and technological) are the most important in recent years that might have impacted the business culture in Colombia?

2. Do you feel that the Colombian economy today is sufficiently robust to support the growth of the sports drink industry and Zip-6’s entry within the country and why?

3. Write your original informative essay in Standard American English. Please be sure to include an Introduction, Body (addressing all the checklist items), and Conclusion.

· Pay special attention to correct grammar, style, and mechanics.

· Respond to the checklist items in a complete manner.

· Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated.

· Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another.

Your paper should be highly organized, logical, and focused.

Draft your response addressing these points in a minimum of 500 words or more in APA format and citation style and submit the file to the Unit 3 Dropbox before the close of the unit.

Name your file: Your FirstName_LastName_Assignment_Unit#.

ZIP-6 Scenario

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