Positive Behavior Lesson Plan

In APA format Write a: School Wide Expectations Matrix and Behavior Lesson Plan A sample Matrix is provided

Matrix Instructions

Develop an expectations or rules-within-routines matrix as described on page 45 of the Kerr & Nelson (2010) text and illustrated in Figure 2-5. Include at least three expectations/rules, two routines per expectation/rule, and three settings. Make sure the expectations/rules are clearly and positively stated.

Lesson Plan Instructions

The Kerr & Nelson (2010) and the Otten and Tuttle (2004) texts have slightly different, yet not conflicting components or steps to a lesson plan, which are compared in the table below. You have also been provided with an example lesson plan  for Walking in Line from Otten and Tuttle (2004) .
Review all three and write your own lesson plan for one of the expectations included in your rules-within-routines matrix.


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Otten, K., & Tuttle, J.  (2004) Walking in line lesson plan. Republished with permission from the authors.

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