PowerPoint Presentation-A discussion of the reasons why inmates are placed in Restrict Housing (RH)

Project Topic:

  • The use of Restrict Housing as a management tool.

You are the Deputy Warden of a maximum security correctional institution. The institution has a population of 1200 male inmates. There are 1200 general population beds in eight housing units. There is a health service unit that has 20 beds; and a secure housing unit (Restrictive Housing) with 100 beds. Inmates are placed in Restrictive Housing 1) pending a review by the disciplinary committee; 2) to serve disciplinary sanctions; 3) for protective custody; 4) pending investigation, and 5) pending a Classification review to determine their appropriateness to remain at this facility. Not all inmates awaiting classification are placed in Restrictive Housing, only those who may be considered to be at risk to themselves or others, due to their behavior; these inmates may or may not have disciplinary reports regarding their behavior.

Recently there have been several attempts to commit suicide in the RH unit. The Warden is concerned that the unit may be overused. There are rarely any available cells. Inmates placed in the unit are provided with one hour of outdoor recreation five times per week; three showers per week; telephone one half hour per week; since it is considered to be a temporary status there are no programs available, and inmates do not have canteen privileges; inmates are allowed to receive and exchange books from a book cart that comes into the unit twice per week; and inmates are not allowed to have TVs. Some inmates have been housed in the unit for more than two years.

The Warden has asked you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, to be presented to senior management staff and the Union President to discuss issues regarding the management of the Restrictive Housing Unit at this facility. He wants to compare the operation of the RH Unit at this facility with accepted practices nationally. His main concern is the safety of both staff and inmates.

The presentation must include:

  1. A discussion of the reasons why inmates are placed in RH.
  2. The conditions of confinement for inmates in RH. Are there differences based upon the reason for placement in RH? If not, should there be?
  3. How does the management of the unit compare to comparable units in other correctional systems?
  4. How should inmates be monitored to ensure that there are no issues with their behavior, health, or mental health?
  5. How should staff be selected to work in the unit? How often should they be evaluated?
  6. Is there an alternative method to manage inmates with mental health and adjustment issues, other than placement in Restrictive Housing.

Format Requirements-

PowerPoint presentation:18 slides

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