pplying a relational concept/theory to a relationship

Relationship Paper

Students will type a 2-4-page paper applying a relational concept/theory to a relationship of their choice.  Students should select a relationship that they have with another person (e.g., significant other, parent, sibling, friend, co-worker, supervisor, relative, teacher).  Students will describe the relationship by doing one of the following:

Explain the Relationship Stages using your relationship as an example

Explain how self-disclosure is used in your relationship

Analyze the relational characteristics of your relationship

Discuss the dimensions on intimacy used in your relationship

Explain how culture has played a role in your relationship

Describe how you  and your family (or family member) communicate

Describe a friendship you have using a relational theory

Describe the romantic turning points for a romantic relationship you have been in

Apply the love languages to your relationship

Describe how you have repaired a damaged relationship

Describe how you have resolved conflict in a relationship

Formatting Requirements

Cover Page (Not included in the minimum page number)
12 point Times New Roman or Arial font
Reference page
APA or MLA Format
Minimum of three sources (one source can be the textbook)
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